Saturday 13 August 2011

Premier League predictions - blogger vs layman

With every football writer / blogger worth their salt offering some form of predictions for the coming Premier League season, I felt obliged to get in on the act. But rather than doing it the old fashioned way, I decided to test my crystal ball abilities against someone completely unversed in the world of football.

By his own admission, friend of Ball Between Two Gary Drohan had not even heard of some of the teams in this year's Premier League. Tasked with placing the teams in the order in which he thinks they will finish, he relied merely on his knowledge of teams whose names he was familiar with.

My challenge is to see if I can trump Gary's predictions (or, more accurately, guesses). At the end of the season, we will review our respective forecasts and see whether predicting where teams finish requires background knowledge or simply pot luck. Gary has proposed a Crunchie bar for the winner; if he ultimately wins that Crunchie bar, Ball Between Two will be forced to taste bitter humiliation.

* * *

Gary's Predictions
1.   Manchester City
2.   Manchester United
3.   Chelsea
4.   Arsenal
5.   Liverpool
6.   Everton
7.   Fulham
8.   Newcastle
9.   Bolton
10. Aston Villa
11. Blackburn
12. Tottenham 
13. Sunderland 
14. Stoke
15. West Brom
16. Norwich
17. Wigan
18. Wolves
19. Swansea
20. Queens Park Rangers 

Ball Between Two's predictions
1.  Chelsea
2.  Manchester United
3.  Manchester City
4.  Arsenal
5.  Liverpool
6.  Tottenham
7.  Sunderland
8.  Everton
9.  Aston Villa
10. Stoke
11. Bolton
12. West Brom
13. Fulham
14. Newcastle
15. Wolves
16. Norwich
17. Queens Park Rangers
18. Wigan
19. Swansea
20. Blackburn

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  1. I love these sort of prediction games. Its a shame I have only just found your blog as I would of added my own.